1960 1588 cc 80 CV 160 km/h 28.730
Classic two-seater Roadster. Mass-production began in 1955, after the success in its category in Lemans’ 24 hours. It stayed in production until 1962, when it was substituted for the MGB. Our model hit de road in March, 1960. Its recent history tells us that it cruised the streets of Santander. It later returned to its previous owner in Huesca, who transformed it with great care into what we can enjoy today. With a white vanilla hue, beige leather seats and white-rimmed wheels with spokes, it looks fresh out of the factory; available with a soft canvas hood and hardtop with windows. It is adapted to a comfortable drive without undermining any of the main characteristics:

  • Alternator
  • Double radiator with electric fan
  • Five speed gear box
  • Adjustable power steering
  • Vacuum servo
  • Original radio Radio CD (not visible)

Maximum recommended speed 100 km/h (60 mph) where permitted

Small trunk will not hold hard bodied cases; soft hold-all types recommended (2)

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