Beautiful classic cars and excellent service

I visit Barcelona regularly because I have a few friends living there.I love everything about the city,its vibe,its food,the weather and the people.Last month I flew there and one of my friends suggested renting a car and escape to the Costa Brava for a couple of days...What a great idea!Better still ,my friend's idea was to rent a classic car and drive in glamorous style !!!OMG..At first I panicked ,I didn't have anything suitable to wear (I thought about the Mille Miglia classic car race in Italy) and what about classic cars breakdown?We needed help!So we contacted Enrique who runs this company called SunDrivingClassics and we organised our escapade with one of his beautiful 'babies': a stunning red Triumph dating back to the '50 immaculately polished and shining in the sun.We had Enrique deliver the car to my friend's address for a small fee which turned out to be cheaper for us than the cost of a taxi to get to his garage.Although my friend knows Catalonia quite well,we followed Enrique's suggestion and tried out one of the itineraries he has on his website.His enthusiasm,knowledge and passion regarding his country ( and cars) is really contagious : he even recommended some of his favourite restaurants and places of interest .He also gave us the option to rent a tablet which we didn't need though as my friend had one .He then downloaded a link to his website for the recommended itineraries along the Costa Brava.I can't praise enough his customer's service.Armed with all this info and swept along by a spring breeze we set off for our adventure.Everything went splendidly:the car was a real pleasure to drive,no problem whatsoever apart from our incapacity to close the roof as we had some rain on the second day..what a laugh!We had to stop at a petrol station where we had no shortage of help from the guys that wanted a chance to lay their hands on "our" car and even go for a spin in it..We really had such fun!!!And the added bonus: the admiring glances we got along the way ..although we were unsure about the object of the admiration...could it be us girls or the car??Only one way to find out..try it for yourself's an experience really worth every penny.

Mayo 2014