sundriving classics

We’re embezzled by our land, we’re in love with our gastronomy… and we’re fascinated by classics.

Do you share our passions? Can you imagine driving on a bright summer day along an empty road beside the sea?
Do you wish to feel the air on your face and the warmth of the sun caressing your skin?
Can you imagine finding your well-deserved rest in a centenary house or in a little seaside hotel at the end of your route?
Do you dream of being far from mass tourism and waking up to the sound of birdsongs, feeling the aroma of the sea or the field’s fresh smell of harvest?
Are you enticed by the thought of savoring a delicious rice dish before some spectacular views, a typically Catalan fresh salad or an unparalleled course in world gastronomy?
Do you feel elated while waiting for sunrise to rev your classic and hear the seductive purr of the engine?
We want to make you feel all this because it is what we love and we want to share it.
With SunDrivingClassics you will enjoy your classic, but even more while driving it along our routes. Chosen especially for you.

our cars

A classic needs more care and attention than a contemporary car. We are dedicated to them.
We follow a very strict process of controls and revisions to ensure the safeness of your route. In some cases, we have also modified them without altering their essence, adding a power steering for a more comfortable handling of the steering wheel; a vacuum servo for a safer outing; a radiator with electric fan to avoid the typical overheating; or even a fifth gear wherever we considered it necessary for a more enjoyable driving experience.
These are unique models and it is highly probable that, while on your route, nobody else will be driving a car like that in the world.
Our climate will allow you to drive your topless classic under the Mediterranean sun even in winter. All you will need will be some comfortable winter clothes and a good foulard to ripple in the wind like in a Fifties’ movie. And that is just how you will feel.

routes and touristic visits

We love our land. We know all the chosen routes, we have enjoyed them on countless occasions and we want to share them with you.
Empty roads where you and your classic will feel like you own them.
Routes with breath-taking cliffs and the intense blue of the sky and the sea. (Emporda 1 and 2)
Medieval towns will appear at your side, far from the touristic routes, like dreams of a bygone time. (Emporda 1 and 2)
Thick beech and oak forests you had never heard of and that are right alongside our Mediterranean (Garrotxa, Montseny)
Volcanoes that have been extinct for thousands of years among exuberant vegetation (Garrotxa)
Tiny coastal towns with all the glamour of the most prestigious international spas (Emporda, Garraf, Penedes)
Small wineries and chateaux that produce some of the most highly qualified wines, according to the international guidebooks, for attainable prices, where you will enjoy the surrounding landscapes anchored in another time. (Penedes/Priorato)
Millenary monasteries surrounded by vineyards and enveloped in an astounding silence (Ruta del Cister)
… and all of this without ever forgetting Barcelona, our beautiful, international and cosmopolitan city.


Catalonia’s gastronomic culture is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean, both in its sea and mountain products.
At SunDrivingClassics we like to eat well. That is why we want to recommend you restaurants, some of which have their own orchards or acquire their daily products at the local market: fresh products, with an intense flavor.
We relish the small restaurants whose owners have maintained them for generations and learnt the trade from their ancestors.
We enjoy discovering new places that don’t appear in the guidebooks but that well might in the near future.
Visit large temples of world gastronomy that set the standards for modern cuisine.
Or just a simple restaurant chosen on the basis of our gastronomic criteria but surrounded by an unforgettable entourage.
We want to share all these sensations with you. Pocket their visiting cards because you will want to go back.


…chosen from among our favorites. We have personally enjoyed them as we hope you also will.
Luxurious stone farmhouses with exclusive service located in the midst of a calm scenario where you will hear the songs of the birds at dawn.
Medieval towns with conditioned houses complete with all the necessary commodities, as well as few but choice rooms that will take you back to the times of your classic. Family hotels in small fishing villages where you will feel just like at home.
Residencies on the edge of cliffs where you will wake to the immensity of the sea; a luxury for the senses.
You can reserve all these hotels on our website at the most affordable prices. Guaranteed.